Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of SE?

SE provides a variety of benefits including just simply feeling better. SE can reduce and even eliminate stress levels, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain/illnesses, PTSD symptoms, and depression. 

Are you qualified?

I became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in 2023 from Somatic Experiencing International and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Millersville University.  

When are you available?

Hours are based on appointments only. Call or fill out the information on the contact page for more information. 


What others have experienced in Somatic!

I’ve experienced various innovative therapies that use my imagination to heal trauma, but Somatic is a revelation to me because it is completely centered around the body, rather than the mind. I’ve learned to live more from the neck-down. I’ve asked my neck, with it’s stiff and locked up muscles, “what is hurting you? What can I do to help you?”. When Sydney speaks to my body, my body answers. The physical demands of my job, that include long hours at a computer, result in some pain and disability. After relatively few sessions with Sydney, I am more present in my body, inflicting less debilitating pain, and I am more relaxed during the day. Somatic is both profoundly effective and it’s a very simply approach. Sydney is caring, gentle, and confident in her practice. I trust her and can relax in a session, because I feel like she is The Body Whisperer. 

—L. Weller from PA

Sydney is a sensitive and intuitive therapist who provides compassionate awareness of your nervous system which is the center of most PTSD symptoms. Addressing your nervous system responses in a slow and gentle way allows Sydney to help guide you through the discomfort and dysregulation you are experiencing. She is a joyful person with integrity and honesty as her prime characteristics. Give yourself the gift of a settled and peaceful nervous system as a result of Somatic Experiencing and Sydney's expertise

Helen B from SC 

Somatic Experiencing has empowered me to work constructively with the experiences and offers a way to validate how my mind is thinking and my body is feeling. It has taught me to slow down, collect my thoughts and feelings then build ways to rediscover emotional nervous system equilibrium. 

Josephine S from PA

I had no idea what Somatic Experiencing was when I started with Sydney. Fast forward to now and I don't know what I would do without this awareness. Life has become richer and fuller as I connect with my body and allow it space to speak. The business of the day continues however I’m more aware of me as I go about my day. Sydney brings gentleness, safety, and care to each session creating a space I feel comfortable and relaxed in.

Tabby M from PA 

I had the pleasure of working with Sydney. She brings to her work sharp observation skills and a keen sense of intuition and creativity. Her open curiosity and enthusiasm are infectious. You will become familiar with new parts of yourself and grow in yourself appreciation. Working with Sydney is a gift you give to yourself.

Susan C from ME